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When I had mold everyone wanted to tell me what to do. I was sick, my wife and kids were sick, I was pulling my hair out. There was so much conflicting information on the web I was going crazy. Finally, I called in a mold inspector and she gave me the most sound advice of all. She said, “The first thing you have to do is lower or eliminate the mold spores and mold toxins in your environment. The fastest way to do it is to scrub the air”. That’s when she told me about the AirSafti Air Scrubbing machine. It seemed to make sense so I ordered 0ne. I got my unit in two days, unboxed it, plugged it in and within 15 minute my whole family could feel the difference. It makes sense, if you have an umbrella the rain can’t get to you. If you scrub the air clean you’re not breathing mold!

-J. Warbles

Hey, my name is Thomas and I just wanted to say that not only was the mold bomb easy to use but it is a great product and I will be using it again in the future. Every member of the staff that I spoke with was knowledgeable and quick to answer questions. Thank you all very much and good luck in 2016.!


Love, love, love your mold bombs. We bought a property that was closed up for three years. Obviously, the musty smell of mildew and mold was everywhere. We scrubbed and scrubbed until almost sick using various chemical cleaners that did help but we could not get rid of the odor entirely. We used your mold bombs and the smell is gone! It was amazing and we feel like our home is finally clean. I would recommend your product to everyone – worth every penny!


Just ordered my third mold bomb ~ love the product ~ works as stated ~ Would not use any other ~ also like the BioCide 100 ~ thanks for a great, safe product.


We used this in an RV which had a roof leak and mold. I am so pleased to say it worked like a charm! We were quite skeptical and are happy to report great results.


I’ve tried multiple different household products to remediate the mold problem in my apartment, such as bleach, Lysol, etc. NOTHING worked. I then decided that I’d had enough and began doing some research on line and came across Biocide Labs where I found the Mold Bomb product. All I’d like to say about that is thank you. It’s such a relief to not have to come home to an overwhelmingly strong musty smell and to know that the mold problem is finally fixed. Great Product!


I was preparing to sell a vacant house when one day I arrived to find 4 inches of water from a rusted out hot water tank, which had probably sat for about 4 days. The basement didn’t smell that good before as there was always a humidity problem, and this made it really bad. I did not wish to invest a lot of money in a house that I was not keeping, yet I wanted it to be sanitary and odor free for the buyer. The mold bomb did a fantastic job! The basement smells fresh and clean, no double better than it has in years!


I know how hazardous mold can be so I also purchased the safety kit with the biocide 100 and everything worked great.


Great product works excellent thank you for saving me hundreds of dollars on removal.


Special thanks to the Biocide Labs staff for presenting me their products that I and my network of people love so much. All the products work as they claim. The one particular product that I love the most is the Mold Bomb where I used it in my home and AUTO, yes Auto! It cleaned and Killed all germs, viruses, mold/mildew smell in my AC system so now my car AC smells FRESH again like new. Before this I was using other products like Lysol but it only provided a temporary band-aid fix to my AC issue but now the smell has not return in months. Thanks guys!


My wife and I are extremely grateful for what your products have done for us. Mold bomb, and Biocide 100 are the most effective mold killing products I’ve ever used. I had placed 6 Mold Bombs throughout my house, and within a couple of hours I had come back to a clean home. My wife and I noticed that the mold smell was completely gone. I had then wiped down all our belongings with the Biocide 100 also leaving a pleasant smell. It’s been about a month since I used the product, the mold has vanished, and my wife and I are feeling like are selves’ again. Thank you so much.


I used the Biocide Labs Spray and Bomb Foggers in Oct 2012 on my Mother’s fully furnished 1500 Sq Ft basement. Her dehumidifier had failed and mildew had bloomed on 20 pieces of furniture that had once been in storage. In 2 days her downstairs sewing room and bedrooms were like new and smelled wonderful. Twelve months later the rooms are still mildew free and she keeps the dehumidifiers going. I again used the same 2 products on a home in Atlanta that was empty waiting to be sold, and the summer rains had caused white mildew to appear on cabinets and door/ window frames. Again, the results are amazing. I also used the new ceiling whitener product on some brown atmosphere stains. It worked very well and saved us from painting the ceilings. Now we can safely and confidently sell this home. The spray should not be used on light colored fabrics (slight discoloration), but it worked great on wood, wicker, plastics, and drywall behind furniture. Be careful when letting off the bombs to keep your face away from the top of the bomb. I had a mask and protective goggles and clothes on. It goes off for several minutes, so I actually directed it toward the far away corners and then set it down as directed. I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS.


I can’t say enough good things about Mold Bomb and Biocide 100. In fact, they were an answer to prayer for me! I discovered mold in my kitchen island when a carpenter pulled out a drawer to work on it. I had just done a lot of remodeling, and his work that day was going to be the final thing. When he discovered the mold, and told me he could probably remove the island and replace it for about $ 30,000, I’m embarrassed to say that I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I replied, “What I’m thinking about is finding some dynamite, and blowing this place up!”

I’m very allergic to mold. I have asthma and a lot of other sensitivities to chemicals, etc. When the mold inspector opened up the island that I had sealed up for about a week, I literally had to run out of my house due to the toxins that were released. I hired a remediation company to remove the island, and clean up the mold, but I was still not able to go inside my house. The toxins had been released into the air in my house, and no one in Houston had any product that would get rid of it. I went online. When I saw the words, MOLD BOMB, it really caught my attention! My thought had been to blow the house up, so the name really appealed to me!

I called and spoke with the Sales Department which assured me that it would clean the air. He recommended following up the Mold Bomb treatment with Biocide 100 on furniture and floors due to my extreme sensitivity. He told the remediation company exactly how to use everything properly. After the treatment, my house was perfectly free of mold! As the Salesperson said, Mold Bomb smells like talcum powder when you first go back in. He recommended that we stay out of the house for at least two hours after treatment. Just to be sure, I stayed out for 24 hours. When I walked back in, there was no trace of mold in the air! I am so thankful for this product! It worked a miracle for me!


We live on a 40′ rv and came home after 4 summer months to find black mold inside the rv. We used the Mold Bomb and it worked great. We then washed down all of the surfaces. The product works great! We have a dual reverse cycle heat pump in the basement which uses a metal furnace duct in the floor. I also used a second bomb to spray into the cold air return while the ac was running. I covered all of the vents except the last one at the end of the duct. The vapor went through the entire duct system and out the other end. You could smell the product there and it ultimately set the carbon dioxide sensor off. I also used the spray liquid for the surfaces. Both products have a pleasant and clean smell and work great! Thanks


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