BioGenesis is a national conglomerate holding a variety of companies with a main focus in the development and implementation of cutting-edge environmental sciences. Our company was founded by a group of board-certified environmentalists and venture capitalists to build a network of organizations with the express purpose of ensuring the lowest possible pricing while maintaining the highest standards in customer service. Our mission at BioGenesis is to leave the world a better place then when we found it.

Charitable Partners

We believe everyone deserves a clean and healthy environment; Our Partnerships help us to ensure that is possible. After seeing the devastation following hurricanes jean, wilma, rita, and katrina firsthand, we had to help in any way we could. The connections our organization has formed allow us to give free testing, environmental education, free antimicrobial cleaning chemicals, expert guidance and direct monetary donations to the people that need it most. Learn how to help us support the organizations that are making a difference below.

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Laboratory Partnerships

Below are several companies we are affiliated with, these service partners help us to provide you with the unparalleled testing accuracy and turnaround times you have come to expect from our organization.

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BioGenesis Resources

BioGenesis has several companies under its umbrella in a variety of industries ranging from real estate to development engineering. Below are several companies from our environmental science branch you may find helpful, specializing in environmental pathogen identification and recovery for both commercial and residential clients. Our mission with this branch of BioGenesis is to provide a new standard to the environmental industry for customer service, expert guidance, education, and low-cost solutions to any environmental problems our clients may encounter.

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