Biomatrix Mold Monitor

Biomatrix Mold  Monitor
Biomatix Mold Monitor
Biomatix Mold Monitor
Biomatix Mold Monitor
Biomatix Professional Monitoring

Biomatrix Mold Monitor – Mold Detector

The Biomatrix mold monitor is more than the most technologically advanced smart home mold detector on the market. With the purchase of a Biomatrix device, your system will be monitored by a team of specialists, ensuring that your home is scanned for signs of trouble 24/7. Our unique system combines professional grade sensors, cutting-edge mold predictive algorithms, and a team of industrial hygienists alongside certified mold analysts to help identify and resolve potential environmental health risks before they start.

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BioMatrix Mold Monitor

Included with the Biomatrix Mold Monitor – Mold Detector Platform:

    Standard (Included)

  • Early Mold Detection
  • Professional Grade Sensor
  • Mold Predictive Algorithm
  • Full Access Self-Monitoring
    (with no need for subscription)
  • Enviro-Stat App Access
  • WIFI Smart Home Enabled
  • Wall Mounted Design
  • 10 Year Continuous Battery

    Professional (Optional)

  • Free 3 Months Pro 24/7 Mold Monitoring
  • Team of Industrial Hygienists Available for Environmental Questions & Concerns
  • Customized Risk Factor Analysis Protocols
  • Affiliate Remediation Discounts
  • Free DIY Testing Mold Kits
  • Professional Onsite Mold Testing Discounts
  • Only 3.99 a Month After Your free 3 Month Trial
  • No Subscription Contract Needed
  • Cancel the Service at Any Time

Mold Detection

In the same way that smoke detectors identify smoke not fire, the Biomatrix Mold Monitor identifies unseen moisture that can lead to widespread mold growth. Using our predictive algorithms and monitoring services mold problems are identified quickly and accurately, ensuring you are alerted immediately at the first sign of trouble.

Mold Detection
Mold Detection

High-Quality Sensors

High-Quality Sensors

We know having a high-quality device is of paramount importance to you and your family when dealing with the potential health risks connected to mold exposure. The Biomatrix Mold Monitor has built in professional grade sensors, with each high-end sensor calibrated specifically to detect the variables associated with mold contamination. While no home monitor can detect mold spores directly, our monitor will use the temperature, relative humidity, dew point, absolute humidity, and EMC sensors to identify the risk of a mold problem. This Allows you to catch the problem before it starts.

Mold Predictive Algorithm

Our revolutionary mold predictive algorithm is built into every Biomatrix Mold Monitor. This cutting-edge system is designed to calculate variables that lead to mold growth, preventing a problem before it grows out of control. Having this information early will save you tens of thousands of dollars on costly mold remediations, not to mention the medical, physical, and psychological costs commonly associated with mold sickness.

Biomatrix Monitor

Environmental Status App

While our teams are hard at work monitoring your environment, you can check the readings in your home at any time with the Enviro-Stat phone application. This app displays a dashboard showing previously specified environmental information in your home or place of work. the information and alerts will be sent directly to your phone for easy self-monitoring from anywhere.

Staying Connected

Each mold monitor is WIFI enabled with no need for additional equipment such as a hub, this allows for continuous professional monitoring and user phone application updates with or without a subscription.

10 Year Battery

We do not think you should need to worry about constantly changing batteries so, every mold detector comes standard with a battery charge that lasts for 10 continuous years, making regular battery changes a thing of the past.

10 Year Battery

We do not think you should need to worry about constantly changing batteries so, every mold detector comes standard with a battery charge that lasts for 10 continuous years, making regular battery changes a thing of the past.

Wall Mounted Design
Wall Mounted Design
Wall Mounted Design

Wall Mounted Design

Our convenient wall mounted design is engineered to fit almost anywhere. The Biomatrix Mold monitor is a small device about the size of the average smoke alarm, making it a great fit with any home or office.

Pro Mold Monitoring Team
Pro Mold Monitoring Team

Pro Mold Monitoring Service Details

Take your mold monitor to the next level by going pro, with our optional pro biomatrix mold monitoring service. Your environment will be continuously tracked 24/7 by our team of industrial hygienists and certified mold analysts. Each subscriber has a custom risk factor protocol assigned to their environment. These additional factors will create added environmental awareness, helping to more quickly resolve any future mold issues that may arise. If a problem does arise, our team will immediately reach out to you by phone for a verification of contamination. We will conduct a virtual walkthrough and structural history review to identify any potential mold sources. Once identified our team is at your disposal to answer any questions and provide a suggested course of action. As a subscriber, we can also give you helpful resources and affiliate discounts to help you fix the problem. Think of us as your on-call team of experts, dedicated to identifying any problems before they become unmanageable.

3 Months Free Pro Mold Monitoring

Our pro mold monitoring service is not required to use the Biomatrix Mold Monitor; however, it is suggested for the best possible results. With that in mind, we would like to extend 3 months free monitoring to any first-time users of our Pro Mold Monitoring service. Our service is only $3.99 per-month after that, giving you full 24/7 access to our team of expert environmentalists for questions, affiliate discounts, and monitoring services. There are no contracts or hidden fees, and you can cancel at any time.

Pro Mold Services Chart

Pro Mold Monitoring Services Include

There are a variety of variables that go into our Pro Mold Risk Factor analysis. We use these protocols to identify potential mold problems in any environment.

Pro Mold Services Chart

Mold Risk Factor Protocol;

  • Relative Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Absolute Humidity
  • EMC Material
  • Mold Oredictive Index
  • Property History
  • Environmental Volumetric
  • Historical Data
  • Virtual Walkthroughs
  • Incident Mitigation Strategies
  • Health Assessment Correlations

mold Test Company Partnership

Mold Test Company Partnership
Free DIY Mold Testing Kits

Our Goal is to provide the best possible value to our users, with that in mind Biomatrix systems has partnered with the largest mold inspection firm in the nation, Mold Test Company. This partnership provides our subscribers with FREE DIY Mold Test kits. Each DIY Mold Test kit is a $50.00 value and includes a certified microbiology analysis from EMSL laboratories. Mold Test Company is also offering our subscribers 15% off any onsite professional mold testing services.

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BioCide 100

BioCide Laboratories Partnership
Save 10% Off Mold Cleaning Products

BioCide Labs is a nationally recognized chemical manufacturer of EPA registered mold cleaning products designed for residential and commercial use. The Biomatrix Systems Team has formed an exclusive partnership that gives our subscribers a 10% discount off their product line.

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Biomatix Mold Monitor

Product Rating

Average Rating: 5

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